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All is Glorious

May 30, 2013

Stepping on the scale this morning started this day off on the right foot!  A total of 19 pounds lost since January 1st, and only 10 more to go.  This GREAT thing is that Mr. Perfect congratulated me this morning and told me how my weight loss hasn’t given me that gaunt look…I actually look vibrant and healthy!  Thank you yoga!  Thank you plant-based diet!  My skin is clear, I glow, I am toned, and I stand about 1/2″ taller than I did in January.  No, I didn’t miraculously grow, but elongating my spine and not living in a crouched manner are my new normal!

Over lunch break, I walked the pooches to get in my cardio being I’m still sidelined from running due to this nagging Achilles Tendon problem, (yeah, for Physical Therapy starting next week!!!), and the love of my life, Mr. Jackson, felt the urge not to sip from the sidelines of this farmer’s field, but rather to wade in and plop down.  Seriously!~  Talk about gross!

IMG_3199        IMG_3198

On to food, glorious food:  Tonight’s recipe is Roasted Shepard’s Pie from Robin Robertson’s blog, which had me from hello being it’s made with roasted vegetables and not the typical frozen mixed things that are so dull and drab, (which is probably why I loved them growing up as a kid being my Norwegian heritage prevented my mother from using any spice other than onion and garlic salt).  The result was perfection!  Even the two carnivores in the house loved it—-I think almost more than I did!  Mr. Perfect had two big helpings and actually accused me of putting hamburger in it, (shame on him for thinking that!), when in actually, I did slide some Trader Joe’s pre-cooked Lentils in it instead.  So the Bonnell family rates this recipe very high and will definitely make it again!

Lessons Learned Today:

  • Dogs pick up ticks quite easily
  • I am getting closer to touching my head to my thighs when I bend forward
  • Carnivores enjoy good, quality plant-based dishes.
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