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When In Utah

January 2, 2016
So what do people do when they’re in Utah? They exhaust themselves with the plethora of activities that surround them, that’s what! And then they wake up one morning and can’t walk, can’t lift their arms, can’t bend over, and just need a day of rest! But no fear, we are heading to workout soon and the elliptical machine is going to be my friend. Yuk!
As Utah newbies, our first ski trip here was to Brighton, and we had a BLAST! What a fantastic “hill”! It had just enough variety for our varying levels of ski ability, and Mikey could board.
The only other mountain I’ve skied is Red Lodge Mountain in Montana and the last time I skied there I was 8 years younger than I am now, so this was a perfect start to get back into the swing of things.  By the end of the day and three runs down a black diamond, I was ready for longer runs and a bit more of a challenge. So what do we do?  Yep, jump right to the master, Snowbird. What in God’s name was I thinking???
Snowbird is not necessarily the place for hearty Minnesotan’s to get back on their skis!  We started off taking the tram up to the top because again, why wouldn’t we?  Straight up to 11,000 feet forgetting that we needed to get back down on skis. Two of us worked our way down via the “cat-backs” which is a glorified switchback, and it was not enjoyable.  One of us didn’t care for the heights and looking down the cliffs, so he road the tram back down and headed off to smaller venues.  Finally I saw three ski patrols hanging out so asked them where to ski on this mountain that wasn’t going to kill me.  Thank goodness they directed me to the other side where Michael and I were able to conquer and fall in love with the Bassackwards run and a couple lovely black diamonds with a host of moguls.
Being it was New Year’s Eve and the lifts close at 4:00, Snowbird had a torchlight parade at 6:00 followed by fireworks, so we stayed on the mountain, grabbed a beer, and huddled around the fire pits out on the deck to watch.  If you’ve never seen a torchlight parade down a mountain, let me tell you it was beautiful!  I was in awe and didn’t take any photos, but here’s a beautiful one I found online from Brett Pelletire Photography that expresses the magic of the night.

Photo by Brett Pelletier Photography

And yesterday, as you know, we ran the Lifetime 5K Commitment Day run in South Jordan and we are tired.  My Achilles is screaming at me and all I really want to do is crawl back in bed and watch reruns of Fixer Upper!  But no, we are off to the club to keep this perpetual motion thing moving forward because what doesn’t kill you supposedly makes you stronger.  Right?
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